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Common Place is Seeking Your Help Literacy Volunteer Tutors Needed


Common Place is looking to add a few good laborers to its crew of literacy volunteer tutors and will be hosting a Tutor Training Workshop on Saturday, December 3 and December 10, 2016 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The training will be held at Common Place, 514 S Shelley St. For additional information or to RSVP please contact Janette Sims at 309-674-3315. Qualifications of tutors include: being able to commit to a project, the willingness to be a part of crew, and the desire to improve someone’s life by helping them improve their reading, math and writing skills.

common placeCommon Place has been using literacy as the key building block to improving the well-being of adult learners for a number of years.  Like a new house, well-being needs a sturdy foundation at the start to prevent later problems and keep it standing through all kinds of weather. At times some maintenance or even additional construction may be needed to make sure that everyone in the community keeps doing well socially, mentally, financially, physically, and spiritually.  Many of our adult learners did not get that sturdy foundation.

When the building materials for well-being are not available, people and communities may have difficulty weathering life’s storms. Just as poor construction can make a house unstable, the well-being of people who have not received enough support in life can be threatened when they do not have the social relationships, community resources, and opportunities to thrive that they need. And when people’s well-being is unstable, a bad break in life—such as losing a job or a major car repair — can, like bad weather, be catastrophic. While people with lots of support can weather the storm, people without enough support may struggle to do so.

Common Place Family Learning Center is a social service organization focusing on literacy, and is located on Peoria’s South Side.  Common Place offers after-school tutoring and enrichment activities for children grades K – 12, summer tutoring for grades K – 12, summer youth programs for children ages 8 – 15 years, adult one-on-one tutoring, small reading and math group classes, and GED study.