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Commit to Getting Out of Your Own Way By Katherine Young

It’s January. Do you feel like you have a fresh start? Is your mind reeling with everything you did, didn’t want to do, enjoyed, regretted, and wanted to “leave behind” in 2017? I have had the opportunity to read a gamut of people’s responses about how they are approaching the New Year. One of the primary recurring thoughts I keep having is that as individuals, we need to just GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY.

You don’t have to be a “New Year, New Me” kind of person in order to do better in life. You don’t have to give notice to all your haters, enemies, frenemies, lovers, and any and everyone else in between in order to decide how you will respond and how others should treat you. When you act accordingly, be certain people will know how to respond to you.

Choose to do something different this year. Decide that instead of being an antsy “reactor” to every situation, take time to learn more about yourself, your interests, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and seek wisdom to know how to deal with trials and triumphs. You really shine when you are slow to anger and quick to listen and learn.

Be humble and rejoice when you accomplish your goals—even the small ones. And when you are wrong, choose to build your integrity enough to know when to apologize and learn a lesson from the given opportunity. When you know better, you do better.

Get out of your own way and take time for self-care in every way (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, relationally, educationally, and any other “ly’s” you want to add.) You’d be surprised how taking a daily walk can bring so much life and energy to your life. And though we are a world of social media, where it is more common to talk to unknown “friends” via your cellphone than it is to the people you live with, try the opposite a little bit more and see how much more enriched your life is because you decided to live not for “likes” but because the people you see on a daily basis really matter and you want to express your gratitude.

When you commit to getting out of your own way, you will have one of the most fulfilling years yet. Advance “Cheers” to you!

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