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The Bird’s Nest ‘Coincidence or God?’ by Robin Carter

The Bird’s Nest  ‘Coincidence or God?’ by Robin Carter

Robin Carter - Bird's NestSometimes when preparing an article I usually write the body of it before giving it a title.  I find it difficult to create a title first, then write about it.  Often I don’t know what I am going to write about until it is on paper. Sometimes I find myself asking out loud,” where on earth did this come from?  Now I know.

Once when I was young girl I nearly drowned in small lake just a few feet away from where we lived.  My siblings and I took a walk to the lake only to put our feet in the water and to catch a few small fish for our fish tank which was merely a mayonnaise jar with a lid. As I wandered off into the deep end of the water, I was submerged momentarily, then more each time.  I remember swallowing large gulps of water as I tried vigorously to stay afloat.  I could see my siblings at the other end of the lake laughing and having fun.  So, there I was drowning and could not yell for help.

Suddenly one of them turned around and noticed my helpless body sinking slowly and she swam over and rescued me.  “Whew,” that was close I thought to myself.”  Thank You Jesus!”  Now I ask myself in amazement, “who did that?”  Who caused my sibling to turn around just in the “nick of time” to save my life?  Was it God, an Angel, or a Spirit who entered the scene and turned her attention to me?  Well, this article is not about me directly, or some strange occurrences, acts of fate, quilts or faults if no Angel intercedes.  It is about coincidences, that seemingly random acts that turn out to be not so random at all.  How do they happen, to whom they happen to, and why?  Is God behind the orchestration of these coincidences?

I believe that nothing is a coincidence, but is all a part of God’s plan and our response to it.  We just have to be open to seeing it that way.  A most commonly stated coincidence is finding a penny.  I find pennies often; to a point where I can almost count on it.  Some say that it is “good luck” to find a penny.  But what does it read on the penny? “In God We Trust.”  It is not the value of the penny, but the message, its wholeness—a reminder that God is directing my energies and my path and this is very important.

Several years ago I had a medical condition; my doctor saw me and prescribed medicines for me.  At that particular time I was not able to purchase the medicines for they were too costly, so I survived without them.  Later, I went to pick them up and was told that someone had already purchased them and all I needed to do was sign for them.  I asked the attendant who had done this and her reply was that she did not know who has paid for them, but they were ready for pickup.

To this day I do not know who purchased those costly medications or who even knew that I needed them since I told no one about it.  My question is, “was that a coincidence?  I think not, it was God.  There are moments in our lives when we catch our breath and glimpse God’s presence.  Sometimes it is that radiant face of a sleeping child, a fragment of a melody that stirs awake an unfamiliar yearning in our hearts.  It is moments like these that flicker for an instant and then vanish away in a flash that convey to us a sense of the Divine.  Coincidences have been defined as “luck, a chance, a fluke or something out of the ordinary.  To us they are “blessings,” that spiritual manna that hosts of Angels send down. I could say it’s all good,” but I know better, it’s all God.