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Cocktails and Tailgate Events By Michelle D. Sanders IMPRESSIVE DIVA SOLUTIONS

It’s that time for fall entertainment. Let’s talk football, food, set-up, and fun. You got it; it is tailgate time! Whether high school, college or pro. Pull out the portable grills, charcoal, utensils, outdoor chairs, oven mitts, and coolers with ice. Make sure you have your disposables (paper plates, forks, spoons, cups, paper towels, wet wipes, and napkins). You need to pack matches or propane for grill, condiments, and can openers. Bring your meats in Ziplocs to keep fresh. Don’t forget trash bags, umbrella, sunscreen, bug spray, and a first-aid kit. Get a few friends together, your favorite jersey, and kick-back (no pun) intended. Food ideas: Various dips, hummus, salsa, chili, and chips. Jell-O shots add some flair to any event.

If tailgating is not your flair; try table-top cocktails, fruit, cheese, meat and wine. I enjoy Fall Cocktail. Table tasting parties are fun and savvy. Set a large spread with a selection of various cheeses – aged cheese, cheddar, and brie and label them. Have an assortment of crackers and bread on one side, and a variety of meat on the other. Add four different wines to the table, wrapped in burlap bags, so that the wine type is hidden. On the side have instructions on how to taste wine. An assortment of fruit, fruit dips, and chocolate fondue is a great addition to the table. This array makes a great inexpensive cocktail party or just a nice Ladies Night Out! Decorate your table with your own spin using candles and flowers.

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