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Closed Eyes and Closed Ears By Lorraine B. Carter


Why is it that some people seem to have closed eyes and closed ears when it comes to house break-ins, shootings and killings? They don’t see anything and they don’t hear anything. Is it the fear of getting involved? It has been said, “I don’t say anything because police sources will give my name and address out, then the offenders will come looking for me.”

That excuse is old hat, not true and self-defeating. It is being quiet that will make you vulnerable. It could be your home next or a shooting could involve a loved one.

You can help your community by being observant. Watch out for your neighbors. Be aware of strangers in your neighborhood. Speak up. If you hear or see something out of the ordinary, call the police.

Be alert. Be positive. Be observant. Most importantly, be proud of the community you live in.