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Chronicles of the Bynum Bond


Bynum Bond

Larry and Breona Bynum


Growing up, Larry and Breona were not exposed to a positive example of a God-fearing marriage, and in their early marital years, they lacked knowledge and wisdom. In the beginning, when Larry (age 24) and Breona (age 23) decided to get married, they had some serious trials and tribulations facing them. Desiring to be united as God intended, they sought married mentors to help them along their marriage journey individually and as a couple, and they also gained great spiritual guidance under their awesome leader Bishop Leroy Davis. Their mission for the “Chronicles of the Bynum Bond” is to share marital nuggets of wisdom, especially with their generation, encouraging others to seek God for a marriage as it was always intended to be. Although there is no such thing as a “perfect” marriage, the Bynum’s have learned that their marriage is definitely stronger and happier with God.

Before a man and woman say “I Do” in marriage, consider these important tips before joining as one:

1. Spiritual Counseling: consider individual sessions to gain personal awareness of your strengths and weaknesses within yourself so that when you counsel together, you can work on being two people connecting as one.

2. Prayer: Pray about everything! Seek God for clarity about all of your decisions—starting with whether the person in front of you is your true spiritual mate and the one you should be marrying.

3. Study the BIBLE together: discuss, learn, and pray about the roles of a husband & wife from a biblical aspect and seek God to build your marital foundation spiritually.

4. Check to see if you are “equally yoked”: Do you both serve the same God? Are your lifestyles compatible? Can you accept the differences within one another and grow together versus trying to change each other for your own self interests? Consider these questions with prayer to see if you and your mate are meant to be connected.

We pray that these marital tips can help you build a foundation that is solid and strong on the principles of God and not man.

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