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CHRONICLES OF THE BYNUM BOND – Who Can a Wife Talk to Besides God?

bynum20160216Do you ever get to a place where you feel like, “I really need to talk to someone about circumstances taking place in my marriage?” Everyone says “Pray about it, take it to God, or just wait on God to show you.” But what if you don’t understand how to pray about it, take it to God, or wait on God to show you? I remember those days when I first got married. I knew of God, but I didn’t have a relationship with Him to fully understand what people meant when they would make these kind of statements. Sometimes I just needed a person right at that moment to help me and share some advice how to handle certain situations. 

I’ve never been good at hiding my emotions or with the “Fake it until you make it” attitude. Oftentimes, people do this instead of seeking to get help within their marriage when circumstances arise. I always try to use wisdom when it comes to seeking an individual’s advice; besides, what’s the point of sharing with anyone when they can’t help me with encouraging words to take actions with the circumstances? 

Here are 5 tips I want to share that I apply to my own marriage when seeking sound advice.

1. Don’t console with a wife that’s bitter.

2. Don’t console with a woman that’s single. 

3. Link up with a prayer warrior. 

4. Confide in someone who will not look at my husband and me differently after sharing.

5. Don’t talk with anyone without your husband knowing you’re reaching out for some help.

I hope these tips can help you to use wisdom when seeking sound advice.