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CHRONICLES OF THE BYNUM BOND The Value of Building Balance While Raising Kids

Most families have a lifestyle where both parents are working outside of the home. Things can be kind of crazy on a day-to-day basis with working schedules, school schedules, and after school activities, especially when you are trying to make it all flow peacefully! 

I can remember when my husband and I would work, come home, and attend to the children, especially when they were little. It was all about them, and no one ever expressed how important it was for us as a married couple to spend quality time with each other. It was all about the kids: pick them up from school and daycare; help with homework; dinner; playtime; and off to bed to start the routine all over again.

After doing this routine over and over, in time we soon realized we were not as connected as we should have been as a couple. We would ask the kids about their day but never thought to ask each other. Our whole focal point was on the kids, and we knew that something had to change to strengthen who we were as a couple. We reflected how it was important for us to raise our children still and take care of our necessary responsibilities, but we also needed to make time with one another. Before children, we spent a lot of time together, and somewhere in the shuffle of being busy raising kids, we forgot to practice balance. 

To bring balance and quality time back to our relationship, we began going on more dates without the children, and we shared in devotion time. At this time in our marriage, we didn’t even have prayer time with each other—ironically, I was always praying alone with the boys before bed. 

After a while, Larry suggested we share in devotion time with each other every evening before bed. We talked about life, personal goals, family goals, and whatever else came to our minds. We started to have our own bible study time, reading and discussing what we read. Our marriage really went to another level, and we have been more connected with one another than ever. I felt like a high school girl falling in love all over again (chuckling). 

We want to encourage other married couples that while family time is so important, one-on-one time is equally important as a couple. It’s healthy for the family to spend quality time to create balance!