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Chronicles of the Bynum Bond – The Beginning of Something Great

bynum20160216On the outside looking in, people look at our love and wonder if we’ve ever gone through any serious trials. We want to share with you a trial that tested our strength, but with God’s grace and mercy, we persevered. We pray our story can help heal someone else’s tragedy and allow God to triumph in their lives. March 29, 2003 changed our lives and relationship with one another. I was eight months pregnant when we got the worse news any parent could receive taking a visit to the emergency room. I went to the ER with an unbearable pain to find out after hours of being there that our baby boy we’ve been preparing for had no heartbeat. Words could not describe the feelings and emotions that took place at that very moment. Even though the childbirth was a little difficult to face, it’s something that we both can never forget. 

I experienced a state of depression no one knew about besides Larry, our counselor, and I—not even our close loved ones. Going home without our baby boy, planning a funeral, and burying our son took me close to the edge—but GOD! Even though we had plenty of love and support from family and friends, there is nothing like us still going home all alone without our baby boy; no more feeling him kick me or his dad.

So much went through both our minds like why and how did this happen? Did we do something wrong? Did we have way too many disagreements during this pregnancy? Were we not ready to be parents? Did I skip too many days not taking my prenatal vitamins? Did we not love one another enough to know how to love him? These were questions we either asked ourselves or something we asked one another through our process of grieving.

I remember while in a counseling session, another lady had once faced this same trial in her life. She shared with me that this unexplainable event would either bring us closer together or further apart. While we both grieved differently, it was important for us to stay together and support one another. Through this trial, we praise God that we became closer and closer. We started to love more and disagree less. It made us look at life in a different way.

To Be Continued….