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CHRONICLES OF THE BYNUM BOND – The Beginning of Something Great (Continued from February 2016 issue)

The whole pregnancy I was so excited.

bynum20160216I got laid off from my job to go stand in an unemployment line. One positive thing I got out of the lay-off was being able to be there for my then-girlfriend (now wife) and child more because the job was so demanding with forced overtime. 


Talking about weight gain during her pregnancy, you would have thought I was the pregnant one (laughing). I ate with her all the weird cravings she had, and never had a problem going to the store late at night to satisfy her desires.  I use to go out in the middle of the night to go get those foods she craved and even ate them with her. I remember looking at her being able to tell when she was in pain, and would rub her back, belly, and even her feet which began to look more like Vienna sausages (laughing). I helped her with bathing because it became too difficult for her at times to do it alone.  No matter what disagreements Breona and I had, I knew that being there for her needs helped build the fatherhood foundation with my son. 

Every night, I used to lay there and let her put her belly on my back so I could feel him kick; those moments meant so much to me. She never knew until after the end of the trial, but I prayed every night over the both of them. I went to every doctor’s appointment regardless of my demanding job—I didn’t miss any of those. There was a time when being laid off mattered, because I cared about my girlfriend and my soon-to-be son more, and I experienced a connection with her emotionally that would make any soon-to-be father speechless. 

The day when she went to the emergency room and we got the unbelievable news, I felt like my heart was pulled out of my body. I was strong for Breona because she was not doing well. 

I started to question God: how did you let this happen even though I prayed over her and him every night? Can I be real and let you know that I had even started to think God wasn’t real. I told my grandma about everything, and she told me “God is love; he doesn’t take life from us, baby.” 

My questions did not go away until I began to create a personal relationship with God for myself, and worked on building our relationship. This trial has been a big ingredient that helped mold our relationship into who we are as individuals and parents. 

We named our angel Larry Braylon Bynum and we knew we would address him by his middle name. He would have been 13 years old in March this year.