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Chronicles of the Bynum Bond By Larry and Breona Bynum

”Did You Believe in God Before or After Marriage?”

Special Note: The Bynum’s share various topics via Facebook on their page “Chronicles of the Bynum Bond.” Most recently, their topic of discussion focused on whether or not they believed in God or had a relationship with God before marriage. Below is their conversation on this special subject.

Larry: When Breona and I started dating, we both believed in God, but we didn’t have a relationship with Him. Breona had a background of growing up in church, but I didn’t. Growing up, I attended church for the wrong reasons and motives. I knew others were going to church but living like a devil from Monday to Saturday, so the example before me wasn’t there. I didn’t want to go to church and feel like a fraud, so I initially chose not to go.

Breona: When I was first invited to Word of Faith Christian Center, I began attending regularly on my own. I didn’t force Larry to go with me because I already knew how he felt because of his church views as a youth. I didn’t want to make his church experience worse by nagging him about going to church when he was not ready.

Larry: I kept saying when I go to church, I want to be “all in”, and not act like a hypocrite. I kept staying home, watching Breona go every Sunday. And each time I saw her leave, I kept saying to myself, I will go one day.

Breona: And I kept saying, “I will continue to pray for you.”

Larry: Whenever she returned home from church, she would verbally share the message with me each week.

Breona: Although I shared the message with him, it seemed like he wasn’t responding to me. I eventually got frustrated and stopped talking to him about the church messages.

Larry: Instead, she would just purchase the sermon CD and bring it home for me to listen.

Breona: I felt like since he really wasn’t listening to me why keep talking about it? I thought it’d be more beneficial for him to hear the message himself instead of him hearing my interpretation of the message.

Larry: After about nine months went by, I decided that it was now time for me to go to church. And once I went, I fell in love with my church family. It’s funny: my wife and I can now joke about it because the day I went to church with Breona, Bishop Leroy Davis preached a message on “shacking”! I was thinking, Did Breona talk to this pastor before I came? I felt as though he was talking directly to the two of us.

Breona: I felt so convicted hearing this message. I knew we were not living right and knew that we really needed to make some new changes.

Larry: After I heard Bishop Davis’s message, I kept hearing similar messages on television or from a guest speaker at the church. Looking back, I knew it was our season of knowing and doing better in that area of our lives. I started working on myself because Breona had already started working on herself. I began attending the “Men of Excellence” small group and it really helped me to grow as a man and maintain a life of integrity. I am still a part of this small group today and it helps me to keep my daily walk strong.

Breona: I don’t know how we thought we were going to have a marriage without God being first in our lives, but we’re thankful for our pastor, church family, family, and our mentors.

Larry: It was almost like we were new to Christ at this point because Breona and I never had that intimate kind of relationship with God. We were just believers attending church. I think a lot of people misunderstand the words “believe” and “relationship”. There is a difference to believe in God versus having a relationship with Him. BELIEVE means to “accept something as true, and feel sure of the truth of.” RELATIONSHIP- means “the way which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.”

We want to share with everyone that neither of us forced the other to have a relationship with God. One thing I loved through this transition is that my wife never made me feel like I was a heathen because she attended church and I didn’t at the time. She would still encourage me, love me, and most of all pray for me.

We want to leave you two scriptures that are our favorites to encourage your walk:

Psalm 69:32-The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged (NLT).

Romans 1:12-When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but also want to be encouraged by others (NLT).

Larry and Breona’s mission for the “Chronicles of the Bynum Bond” is to share marital nuggets of wisdom, encouraging others to seek God for their unique roadmap for a God-designed marriage as it was always intended to be. In addition, feel free to contact the Bynum’s for new marriage t-shirts for both husbands and wives! Email them to place your order today and keep sending your marriage questions! God bless you! Email the Bynum’s at