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Chronicles of the Bynum Bond By Larry and Breona Bynum — It’s Not About You, November 2015

Chronicles of the Bynum Bond By Larry and Breona Bynum

It’s Not About You – November 2015

Larry & Breona Bynum new picOftentimes, when we get comfortable with each other in relationships, we tend to relax or not engage with one another as we should. Not engaging with your husband or wife may mean you separate yourselves from each other because of work, daily events, friends, and etc. I learned some time ago that all those other areas in my life may matter, but I can’t allow any of them to come before my family. I chuckle and laugh as I share this because I can see how I have matured as a wife in these areas. Early on in the marriage, honestly, my mindset was not “we”; my immature mindset only thought about “me”. My mindset made me think about myself and not so much my family.

With all that being said, I know the holidays are approaching and we can get so busy getting caught up in the festivities and sometimes set our loved ones aside—though this is the season for families. I want to encourage husbands and wives to remember not to be so caught up in the prepping for the holidays that you are not engaging with your spouse or children. Spending time with family is what it’s all about, right?

Bynum Bond Blessings of Gratefulness

We are so grateful for all that we have in our life and marriage!

Here are 10 blessings we wanted to share with you!

1. Our relationship with God

2. Open and positive communication

3. Having a teachable spirit

4. Accountability

5. Caring for others 

6. Trustworthiness

7. Saying “YES!” to marriage

8. Dependability on one another

9. Having a family oriented bond

10. Showing unconditional love 

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