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Chronicles Of The Bynum Bond — Be Consistent With Positive Marriage Deposits


Be Consistent With Positive Marriage Deposits

Larry & Breona Bynum new picOften times in a marriage we wonder why we get to a point where it seems as if we are not having as much fun after years of being married like we did when we first got married. In the beginning, both husband and wife were doing spontaneous things to see each other smile or feel great. Many often say “Do what you have done to get the spouse and keep doing it.” While I agree, I also feel like we have to find better ways of doing more than the norm. I always share with my wife how “out of the box” gestures makes a BIG deposit of love into a marriage because it’s an unexpected form of a love deposit. We should evaluate our marriage account on a daily basis so we don’t go into a negative status.

Something that my wife and I do often to evaluate ourselves within our marriage is a “use to” exercise. Both husband and wife both have to participate. You will share with each other what you use to do that made you feel loved or appreciated. Once they share, you will acknowledge what it may be and get back to making your spouse feel loved or appreciated from what they shared with you. This specific exercise may not yield the same results as it does for our marriage, but it most definitely takes our marriage to another level of communication. Try it today and connect with us on Facebook and share how you keep building and strengthening your marriage.