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Choose to Make This Year One of the Best Years Ever By Katherine Young

Young KatherineHappy New Year! I pray that you embrace 2017 for all it’s worth, and truly live life to the fullest. I want to really encourage you to not revert back to old habits and routines, but to take a moment and stop, reflect on previous years, show gratitude, and then L-I-V-E! Choose to make this year one of the best years ever! While you’re endorphins are pumping with enthusiasm, keep the momentum going, give yourself a “high five,” and make an effort to live your life on purpose.

I know that last line read a little cheesy—so would you like extra cheese or a slice of a casket? If you are reading this, then be grateful you have your sight, and that you have another day to choose to make a positive imprint in life. Think about it: haven’t you spent enough time wallowing in denial, regret, and sorry excuses why you haven’t experienced your true purpose or even some of your heart’s desires? Don’t wait until you can’t live life the way you want to because your time is up. Remember: you came in this world by yourself, and you’re leaving the same way.

Hopefully, by now, your mind is reeling with your hopes, dreams, and ideas about what you may want to try out. Don’t worry: if you aren’t ready to skydive, you can start small. How about writing down 4 goals you would like to accomplish and before December 2017, you actually smash the heck out of those goals (in a great way, of course)? A report from “Goalband Success System” states that at least 50% of people who write their goals down actually accomplish them. Be a part of the elite goal-smashers: write down your goals, create a vision board if you like, and follow through to epic joy. You will not regret it.

Here are a few other ideas to get your juices flowing so that while you’re experiencing 2017, you will definitely say it is and was (at the end of the year) the BOMB.COM. Smile. Science clearly states that it takes more muscles to frown. You may make someone else’s day and then you will reap even more blessings. Exercise and enjoy it. Breakdance (or two-step), pump some iron, or go ride a bike, but get out of your comfort zone and get moving! Your body will love you as well as all of the other benefits. Laugh! It just makes your insides feel SO good! Read a book, learn a new language, try a new dish, commit to being a better sibling, parent, spouse, entrepreneur—above all, DO YOU, but in a more intentional, “living my life-like it’s Golden” way. What do you have to lose?