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Change is something we will all face By Lorraine B. Carter

Many people don’t believe people can change, but I do.  I have seen former associates change almost before my very eyes. I don’t accept the notion by some that people don’t change. I learned from experience that change can happen if a person really wants it. I think most adults know someone who has changed due to a major occurrence happening in their lives. However, I wish those people who believe people don’t’ change could have met my friends.

A group of my friends and associates would meet in the 70s for discussions and good conversations. We were working at low paying jobs, and it was at one of these discussions several women vowed to change their lives, including me. Years later, I ran into the most vociferous of the ladies who had vowed to change. She looked like she had stepped out of Vogue. She was confident, professional, and radiant with an air of success. She told me how she terminated herself as a welfare recipient, got her GED, and went on to city college. After graduating, she enrolled in the University and received her Master’s degree. She said it was a struggle, but it was worth it. She had her own real estate business. Her change was a result of hard work and sacrifice. I know people can change.

Now with the current state of affairs in America plagued by the Coronavirus, change is something we will all face. People will have to change in one way or another.  With God’s help, we can do this.