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Chama St. Louis Announces Bid For Mayor Of Peoria – Community Organizer Seeking 1st Term, Is Committed To Fighting Poverty In Peoria

Community Organizer, Entrepreneur, and Local Activist, Chama St. Louis, formally announced her candidacy for elected office via Facebook streaming on Saturday, April 4, 2020, on her Chama St. Louis Public Figure Facebook page.

Fighting poverty is a central focus of Chama’s campaign. She said, “taking action to invest in our most disadvantaged neighborhoods does not mean our neighborhoods that are well-off will be neglected. This is not a question of rich neighborhoods versus poor neighborhoods; it is a question of Peoria versus poverty. We are one family, and as we care for each member, our entire family is better off.”

In Peoria, 1 out of 4 people live in or near poverty, and many more are precariously only a paycheck or two away. The Coronavirus Epidemic exposes the weaknesses in our safety net when people are in crisis, whether that’s an individual crisis or a mass crisis. Chama said, “It also shows us that when given the opportunity to be included, as a community, we show up for each other, we take care of each other when leadership has failed.”

Chama wants to rebuild the table in Peoria to treat poverty. “We will rebuild the table by rejuvenating the economy by centering our focus and appreciation on small and startup businesses and invest directly into our residents so that they can participate more fully in the local economy. We will reimagine our approach to crime and violence as a public health issue complete with prevention, intervention, and reintegration instead of more policing and arrests. At our new table, we will govern together to engage with each other in ways that reduce inequality, create equity, empower each other and foster solidarity, Chama said.

To find out more about Chama’s campaign go to and follow her social media accounts: Facebook @CSTL2021 Twitter @CSTL2021 Instagram @CSTL2021

Read announcement speech transcript here.