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CHALLENGES By Erica Miller (Queen Phenomenal)

Every day I wake up, I say a prayer. I pray for strength within me so I can deal with some of the things that stopped me before.

I was different in my adolescent years. I did not have the finer things that the others girls had. I had big eyes, so I was called ugly.

The one thing I was good at was school. I jumped in it head first. Not only did I do my work, but I did those that were my friends’ work.

At an early age, I had purpose, but I didn’t know it. I was not praised when I did good. I was insulted for being me—a different kind of girl with dreams. I was ambitious, but I lacked one thing, and that was strength. 

I promised myself that if I ever had children, I would never ever leave them. I would love and support them unconditionally. 

Everything I ever loved; I have lost. I fought many battles in my life.

Where I was told I could not, I showed them I could. 

When I was belittled, I showed them how big I was.

Today I know it’s not about what you’ve been through; it’s about where you are going.

Never allow your challenges to make you feel you cannot overcome your obstacles.

There is good in all of us. Take each moment as it comes. Never give up hope. You and I both are winners. Let go of the past. Leave your troubles behind. It’s a New Day.

Where there is life, there is purpose. Purpose is life.