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Celebrating Black Family Entrepreneurship By Michelle Danage-Sanders

Makayla Sanders

Makayla Sanders decided to go to school to become an esthetician because of her interest in the beauty industry. “I’ve always loved doing makeup and watching YouTube videos on skincare,” says Makayla. When she was younger, she would always play in her mom’s makeup and, watch her while she did hers. With an interest in skincare, Makayla wanted to be a dermatologist. However, while looking up careers on skincare, she came upon “esthetician.” The more she researched it, the more she liked it and said, “oh yes” this is what I want to do.

Makayla is a recent graduate of Tricoci University where she received positive feedback from classmates and teachers on how amazing her services and skills were. Today, she is the proud owner of Kaylas Skin and Beauty. Her philosophy, ‘when you find your passion, success will follow.’ She is 100 percent sure and confident that her services will bring a fresh look to skincare. She feels having confidence in your work and what you do is extremely important and rewarding. She loves taking her time to make her clients feel special, catering to their needs, and resolving problems that they may have with skincare.

Makayla thinks being a young black businesswoman will motivate other minority girls and boys to follow their dreams and not settle for less. “If you want something, take the initiative and go for it even if it may feel scary or uncertain. Success comes with being uncomfortable. You have to push yourself and take the chance, especially when someone puts the opportunity in front of your face, grab it and make it worth it,” says Makayla. In 3-5 years, she hopes to own her own spa and teach classes on skincare techniques.

Thanks to Jamar Hardin, owner of Major League Barbershop, and Pure Oasis, and also Makayla’s cousin for allowing her the opportunity to work through him to start her business. In a way, she thinks it’s meant to be; she comes from a family of hard workers and great minds, so she likes to think of it as God working his magic. “Having family in the industry and having family for connections is a huge blessing that I will always be grateful for,” she says. Makayla loves that her family comes from generations of business owners, and now that she is on the same path, this is just the beginning for her.

Makayla is the granddaughter of Michelle Danage-Sanders and the great-granddaughter of Fred M Danage, Jr., both well known in the community as advocates and business owners.

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