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Carter At Large – Why do Cities Survive? By Lorraine B. Carter

Why do cities survive? Cities survive, because of good people living in them. It is the good and decent people who love the cities and neighborhoods they live in. They hear the nightly news on TV telling of horrible school shootings, mass murder, and drive-by killings, but these people stay loyal to the dream that stirs their hope. No matter how bad things seem, it will get better. Many holding on to the vision of their ancestor’s remain in houses and neighborhoods that have given over to slum conditions, but they stay as reputable citizens. Digging in, joining Neighborhood Associations, and civic organizations, giving their best to make a better quality of life for all. That is why cities survive!

Whole communities are strengthened by keeping ethnic pride and civil obedience, adding to the interesting mix of city life. From the poorest to the wealthiest, reputable people are instrumental in the survival of cities. Starting from small beginnings, entrepreneurs flourish to become members of the business district and responsible for the hiring of millions of people throughout America; this is what makes America great and why cities survive.

From the smallest to the largest city, good people go about their jobs and chores with uplifting attitudes and never yielding to the defeatist point of view. No matter the ugliness of the latest news reports or the murder down the street, nor bad behavior of politicians, celebrities, and our colleagues; good people remain steadfast. That is why cities survive!