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CARTER AT LARGE To Hate Is To Die By Lorraine B. Carter

”To Hate Is to Die” was the title of a painting I exhibited many years ago. It caused quite a clamor in those days, and someone came from as far away as California to discuss and possibly purchase the painting. The painting has long disappeared, but the thought is still meaningful as ever. I painted a monstrous entity with vine like tentacles that protruded out of its body. These horrid things grew to proportions so hideous it attacked itself and by doing so strangled itself to death. That is the way of hatred; it will devour you.

The growing hate in the world including America is at a dangerous place and if not addressed will consume itself and wreck what decent people have tried to build after the Civil Rights Struggles of the fifties and sixties.

Those who hate are not ashamed to cite their reasons for hating and try to smooth over their discontent by blaming immigrants, criminals, the economy and even the weather. The simple truth is, there is no reason to hate. If a person takes a good look in the mirror, they will see who is at fault for the conditions on earth. No one is exempt. We are guilty of polluting our cities, our waters, and our nation. We can find positive answers to rid the earth of hatred by working together. It’s that simple; it’s not rocket science; just work together!