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‘CARTER AT LARGE’ The Act Of Aging By Lorraine B. Carter

The Aging Act – the last Act in the Play of Life. Aging is an enigma to life, a baffling experience that the elderly people didn’t talk about in my day. There are changes the human body goes through when one enters elder life, but they didn’t tell us about the enormous pain, the aching joints, forgetfulness, and other changes in mental functions, such as the libido.

If you lived a quiet sedate life as a youngster, maybe your “Aging Act” might not be full of pains and illness, but those of us, who have lived through hard work and adversities as I did, aging is not so easy.

I was an athlete; I played softball, basketball, ran track, boxed, and wrestled. I played hardball catch with the guys to see who would “chicken out” first. I was a tomboy in earnest. The elderly women of the day would caution, “Get out of that street girl and quit playing with those boys, you gonna’ have female troubles.” I didn’t know what female trouble was at that time, but I found out in my thirties and forties. When I approached forty, the aches became more pronounced as I was diagnosed to have arthritis. The fifties were not bad, but I was thirsty all the time, and I wanted to eat sweets, anything else would make me nauseated. The older people didn’t tell me how it felt to have diabetes. They did mention, “Girl you gonna’ get sugar eating all that candy!”

When I reached my sixties, other aches and pains came along for the ride. By the time I hit seventy, I began to limp, from all the hits I had taken during my tomboy days, (my chiropractor told me so.)

Nothing about sex from those elderly folks; I always thought those feelings would fade away like my looks! How wrong I was. I’m eighty-one now, and I’m starring in “The Act of Aging.” All I can say about sexual feelings at this point is, “Send in the Clowns.”