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CARTER AT LARGE Liberation from Cyberspace Bullies By Lorraine B. Carter

Liberation does not only mean freedom from an oppressive regime or government; it could also mean unshackling one’s self from a domineering, stagnant relationship or unbinding oneself from a cult-like belief, or emancipating yourself from the dominant social philosophy of a Group.

In today’s electronic media, some people find themselves enslaved by cyberspace bullies who are experts at computerized technology and can make a follower’s life miserable. People have committed suicide because bullies have spread malicious gossip on social media.

Some groups come to mind and have caused this reaction, especially with younger people; they can hit hard with criticism and nasty remarks. This is when liberation would be the key to happiness by liberating yourself from Social Media Groups (especially being in, know all tell all Groups.)

Liberty and freedom can be found when one is emancipated from groups, as some young people will testify.

Even adults and some older people have sworn off Groups because they feel manipulated and led into uniform thinking!  When first offered on social media, groups were educational, entertaining, and respectful, but as time passed, some people got too personal and tried to hurt people by ‘outing them’ or spreading false rumors. Liberation is a word we don’t use too much, but maybe young people should start!

I innocently joined a group some years ago. I came up with what I thought was a clever post, and the Group Manager immediately reprimanded me. Needless to say, I immediately quit the group, and that wasn’t easy.  I had to go through a list of questions and procedures to rid myself of that group!  I can only imagine what young, beautiful people go through to leave one.  So, I caution here; ‘Caveat Emptor’ before joining a group!

Of course, one can liberate themselves from the chains of group opinions, social dominance, and tyranny. In such a case, liberation is the key to happiness and peace!