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CARTER AT LARGE – Do you want to live forever? By Lorraine B. Carter

Someone recently asked me if scientists would be able to prevent death in humans?  I thought about it for a moment and remembered articles I had read on this subject some years ago.  One article contained new breakthroughs with T-Cells, Gene reconfiguration, and species crossing.  Endless possibilities could be experimented on.  The very interesting article explained that the cross-breeding was to make entities that could make long journeys to other galaxies and survive to send the information back to Earth.  One such creature had the head and upper body of a human and the lower body of an Octopus to be able to handle all the instruments in a one-man spaceship.  At the time, it seemed horrific, but today scientists have advanced so far, mind-bending discoveries and inventions are possible.

I thought about the Bible story of Methuselah, who lived over 900 years. He saw many of his loved ones die, which had to be painful, but he received many blessings as well, such as completions.

If death were conquered, everybody would live forever.  Your worst enemy would be there to torment you, your ex-lover, your in-laws, and bill collectors.  I wonder whether other things would live forever as well, such as rodents and snakes?  All of the unpleasant things we had to encounter in our short life spans of 78 years, anything over that is unusual and a Blessing.

Would I want to live forever?  In the present state of things, if it were offered, I don’t think so.  My question to you is; would you want to live forever?