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Carter At Large – A Namby-Pamby Mystic By Lorraine B. Carter

The meaning of a namby-pamby mystic is wanting in character and claiming an insight into problems people aren’t capable of knowing. This reminds me of leaders who don’t lead.  Never has this condition been more apparent than in this Pandemic.  Leaders who won’t wear masks and claim the COVID-19 Virus is under control, while the death rate is climbing in parts of the United States, and positive testing is rising.

Some people refuse to wear a mask and stand on the American Constitution as it is their right.  Is it their right to endanger the life of others if they are contagious?  Many people in America scream, no, they should be made to wear a mask, because they are endangering our lives.

This is where namby-pamby mystics enter the argument with statements like, all is well, we are doing better than other Nations, with the numbers that prove we are winning the battle on COVID-19; when reality says we are not. The leading medical doctors are constantly warning the leaders that this Pandemic is going to get worse during the winter months!

It is crucial for Leaders to be honest and forthright when speaking to the American public. Not in some mystical terms that would lead to false hopes of people engulfed in fear and disobedience. Speak truth, and if you don’t have the knowledge of doctors in the field, shut up!

Those of us who are wearing a mask, washing our hands, staying in and obeying all health regulated policies to safeguard our lives are in a conundrum why so many are defiant, including some leaders? 

This is a dead-serious virus and Pandemic; we don’t need some kind of namby-pamby mystic leading us into further trouble, through dishonesty and ignorant information!

We as American’s have faced epidemics before, and our leaders didn’t ‘shuck and jive’ about the seriousness of the disease. We were told the truth and given scientific instructions on how to survive the epidemic, and we defeated the insidious virus/bacteria by doing as we were told.  

The war on these invisible attackers was unrelenting by doctors, medical staff, and citizens, and we won because we worked together!  

Working together will conquer this COVID-19, but we must persevere, and listen to the dictates of our doctors until a cure, or interceptor has been found!  Our prayers are of the utmost importance to prevail over COVID-19 and namby-pamby mystics!