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Can We Talk? – Passing Judgment: Let’s lift the veil slowly but surely By D. Rena’ Chaney

What makes you think you’re better than anyone else? How can you pass judgment on someone else’s situation because you believe yours is better? What makes your moves in life more valuable than moves others make? We all have issues dealing with one thing or another, and we handle them all differently. In the process, not only will others judge if they know your business, they will judge you if they don’t! It’s the sad norm. Everyone deals with the consequences of their own decisions (be it good or bad) and our actions and reactions to things reflect on our character, integrity, respect for self, others, and society; today is as bold and outspoken as I’ve ever seen it and it, and it’s not all 45’s fault!

Clearly many folks see the design of oppression, families are torn apart, racial divide, financial ruin, and worship leaders falling from grace. And sadly, some folks don’t see it, and some don’t care! Now the new phrase is, “Live your best life!” Does living your best life exclude consideration the lives of others?

This is a cliché, but the reality is, we all are human, we make mistakes, and the just of that is, we should be learning from them. It’s disheartening to say, but not everyone is equipped to deal with simple issues, better yet, real life issues that affect many areas of a person’s life. However, I’ve seen many things and written many articles regarding the terrible choices people made throughout their lives and learned from them. Many of them have consciously chosen to openly share those personal experiences and offer resolutions and acts in hopes of bettering and changing the lives of people who are on the edge or considering walking to the edge. Sadly, they still are judged by their past instead of their works today. So again, who gives you the right to judge? Please know these people are not giving up. They continue to do what they do in spite of the opposition and still are making a difference in this world! Thank you. You all know who you are.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “Am I doing enough for my happiness, for my family, for my community?” Let’s keep it real; we have attention seekers who want everyone to know what, when, where and how he or she moves in life. They post it on social media; they tell anyone that will listen which will draw opinions and yet either they get mad or ignore and keep it moving. Yet, on the other side, we have people making a difference in such an abundant way of their works that the attention is drawn to them; they don’t take it for granted, they use that platform to reach others in a way to better lives! Be reminded the choices we continue to make today are affecting our future as a nation, community and for our sons and daughters.

The apparent division in many circumstances of lives is based on the economy, race, gender, religion and now political support. So if you have it set in your mind you don’t make a difference, understand you do! Even your silence and inaction make a difference. Unfortunately, in support of others who are not doing anything either. Clean your mirror and look again!