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Buy Now and Wear Later – Fashion Foward By Meicka “J”

Meicka1As summer continues to heat up now is the time to start shopping for your fall wardrobe. Most department stores are beginning to put things on the floors and shelves for the cooler months. The best selections arrive early and become picked over as the season progresses. I start reorganizing my closet around late July or early August. Make room for fall wear around that time. Reserve a small section of closet space with about ten days worth the summer clothing, rotating pieces to mix and match.


How to travel light duty on Vacation

Packing for vacation can be overwhelming, especially, if you have a large wardrobe. It’s best to plan ahead on what you want to wear on your vacation. What usually works for me is developing a color scheme by packing a majority of neutral colors and adding a splash of color with accessories. Instead of stuffing your suitcase, roll clothing and place the items tightly inside your luggage to save on space. Downsize toiletries and pack the basics such as: cleanser, moisturizer, sheer powder, blush, and lipstick. Try and purchase travel size products when possible. These items then can easily fit inside a handbag. When flying to your vacation destination, you can pack your toiletries in your checked-in baggage. A good tip is to place them inside a zip lock bag in case of leaks. Remember, if you decide to carry on your toiletries, anything liquid over 2.5 ounces will not be permitted through TSA.