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But Are Very Real By DECB, SR.

Black lives have always mattered

Let’s turn back life’s clock

Where black folks stood butt naked

Atop that auction block

As white folks shouted – Look HERE!

How strapping, how so fine

Come closer even touch her

And know this black behind

Will bare you more black suckers

Your buck and she will breed

More black lives to make you rich

For she is what you need

Black lives have still great value

No looking far to see

How they pack those stadiums

Where ticket cost can be

Too high for working poor folks

Who struggle day to day

To meet the basic needs to live

So don’t you ever say

That black lives do not matter

You do not have to fear

We will not be as you have been

So come and bend your ear

And hear the cries for justice

So, listen to your soul

Which God has planted in you

Then truth will help you grow

To see that God is watching

Your every step you take

For God did give all life worth

And black lives are not fake.

From Thoughts Out of My Mind

May 2021