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Business Spotlight – T.A.E. Visions Production Studio ‘We make stories come alive’ By Jannise Bush

Tyrone “Ty” Evans is the owner of TAE Visions Production Studio. He has worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation for the past 17 years as a communications specialist. Ty is a native Peorian and attended Peoria High School, Illinois Community College, and Bradley University, initially majoring in communications. His major took a different turn when he happened upon a videography class. “I looked into another room and saw kids making cartoons. I was so curious I ventured in, and that’s how I got into videography and film editing. I was so fascinated I changed my major,” says Ty.

Videography is the art of motion graphics and special effects. Ty states that, “I have little interest in photography because that involves still images. I prefer the motion. I tell stories; I am a people person. I produce videos for weddings, commercials, music, training, and legacy videos where people want me to describe their life with short movies. The goal is satisfaction for anyone watching.” Examples of Ty’s current work include a promo video with Ken Hinton for a Carver Center fundraiser and a short video with Gerald Albright, a jazz musician who was in Peoria recently. One of the most memorable ones for him was when he filmed a wedding ceremony for Calvin Lindsay. Lindsay’s father passed away a year prior and it left a definite void for the festive occasion. Ty put a tribute for Lindsey’s father at the very end which moved everyone to tears.

Ty started a videography business after college. “I didn’t have any problems generating business or projects. I had a waiting list,” he states. His biggest challenge of producing a video is the amount of time it needs. This is because a video is never complete in one take—there is the cutting, editing and adding text to bring the story to life. Ty believes the success of TAE Visions is due to his focus on customer satisfaction and creativity. He believes that videography needs patience, listening skills, understanding the client’s wishes, and working with them to make their story come alive.

Ty states, “My advice to anyone wanting to start a business would be to keep an open mind when working with customers.”

Getting married? TAE Visions is running a special on storybook wedding videos at 20% off through December 31, 2017. You can contact Ty Evans at or phone 309-453-0711, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.