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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – Mics Uncut “If You Don’t Like It, Fix It” By Jannise Bush

Mary Givens Mics UncutsmEver complain there’s nothing to do in Peoria? Mary Givens had lived in Peoria about a year. She complained to her mother, Tanya Trotter, about the Peoria silos, not having anything to do, and not knowing anyone. Her mother told her, “If you don’t like it, fix it.” Mary had to admit part of the problem was she didn’t socialize. “I basically worked and worked out.”

Mary left Ohio to earn her MSW at Clark Atlanta University, spent a year in Thailand with the Peace Corp and in 2016, she secured a job in Peoria. She works with veterans as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Motivated by her mother’s advice, she began networking. During campaign season, she attended town hall meetings and helped promote voter registration.

Professionally Mary advocates for veterans but she’s an advocate and an artist at heart. She’s written poetry since her childhood, and published a book titled, Shelter at the Lighthouse. Through her community involvement, she learned about local open mic nights. She began performing and connecting with local artists and witnessed the lack of recognition they receive. “Artists labor hard pursuing their craft. They sacrifice money and time with family and friends to be on the road for auditions and competitions. Artists are largely unappreciated because they aren’t celebrities. I understand the struggle to get support and raise money while trying to master social media, networking, trademarking, and all the administrative aspects. Others will never be as passionate about what we do even if they’re supportive. So, I decided to do something.” Mics Uncut was born.

Mary aka Ahavah Mauré, produces and hosts Mics Uncut, a local talk show featuring underground artists, entrepreneurs, and game changers. The show is currently filming its third season. The intent of the show is to inspire fans, educate the public, and allow guests to learn from each other so no one must come into the industry blind. Mary wants to leave viewers asking themselves, “How is this person not famous?”

Mary has learned to run a business, build a brand, and how to navigate the politics. She understands the mental and emotional self-discipline required to be successful. She also understands one of the keys to success is finding people to work with who you can trust and depend on. Mics Uncut reflects not only Mary’s talents but the talents and support of her guests and her crew. The crew consists of Jean Quest, Director, and Marquis Henderson, Talent Liaison. Mr. Henderson was a guest during the second season and decided to stay on and help.

Mics Uncut also bestows the Muse Award to honor one guest from each season. The Muse Award, per the website, “commemorates the ability, sacrifice and humanity of this often overlooked population.” Looking forward, Mary would like to expand and bring guests from other places to Peoria.

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