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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – Lady A Entertainment “Hold the Vision, Trust the Process” By Jannise Bush

Alecia Collins_v1_1Alecia Collins is a business owner, event organizer, community activist, educator, mentor and now author. Known as Lady A, Alecia has a Creative Nonfiction Book coming out called, Don’t Judge Me I’m Only Human accompanied by a line of products, including an all-natural bath-essential product called Body & Soul Organic Bath Bomb by Lady A. In the book, “I share some of my darkest moments and life-changing experiences, which helped transform me to become a better woman and role model,” states Alecia.

December 2017, Alecia was selected as one of the Women of Influence by Peoria Magazines. This type of recognition is earned by not only diligently taking the steps necessary to build a business but also by uplifting and helping others along the way.

Born and raised in Peoria, Alecia began her journey as a pharmacy tech at CVS for 12 years. But the entrepreneurial spirit is never satisfied just working for someone else. The desire to create, be challenged, make your own decisions, and control your growth personally and professionally is strong.

Six years ago, Alecia started her own business, Maid on the Run, which is a commercial cleaning service specializing in hazardous waste material. The company is OSHA certified, insured and bonded in the State of Illinois. The next step in this journey is sharing her business knowledge. She is a consultant, a certified OSHA trainer, and would like to share her knowledge of bidding. But, because Alecia is driven and has a passion for creativity, she ventured into the entertainment industry as a side gig, which has taken over her life.

In April 2016, Alecia partnered with a long-time friend, Carl Holloway, to form TNA Entertainment, which produced comedy, music, and poetry events. The goal was to spotlight local artists and help them grow by pairing them with famous actors and comedians, such as Joe Torry and Reg Ballard (aka Bruh Man). The last event they produced together was the Women Empowering Women seminar in July 2017 featuring Vivica A. Fox. The seminar attracted approximately 600 people from as far as St. Louis and Indianapolis and focused on personal growth, values, finances, health, and education/career enhancements.

Connecting with Ms. Fox made a big impression on Alecia, affirming and giving her more clarity for what she wants to do. So as the business evolved, the partners began to grow in different directions, and Lady A Entertainment was born. In October 2017, Lady A Entertainment produced the Women’s Beauty & Brunch Expo, which focused on the beauty within. This event drew approximately 200 people, and 10 vendors. Lady A Entertainment has since produced several comedy shows in Peoria and Rockford, Illinois. To continue building her business, she travels a lot. “I go to a lot of events, traveling to places like California, Arizona, Chicago, and Detroit to get ideas and meet new people in the industry.

That’s not all. Alecia volunteers monthly at Common Place in Peoria to share her knowledge and mentor other women.

Stay tuned. Alecia’s story doesn’t end there. “Looking forward, for Peoria, I want to do something for the children,” she says. Follow Lady A Entertainment on Facebook and Main on the Run on LinkedIn.