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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT │ Timeless Events Social Studio │ By Jannise Bush

Are you looking for a party location to hold for birthdays, anniversaries, a baby shower, or a business meeting? A new facility opened in August 2022 called Timeless Events Social Studio, located at 6816 N. Frostwood Parkway in Peoria.

While most facilities charge a fee for each table, chair, tablecloth, chair cover, and sash, not to mention food and drinks, Timeless Events Social Studio has all-inclusive packages. Sophia Jefferson, owner, will decorate according to your theme. Customers self-cater. Occupancy accommodates 50 seated or 75 cocktail-style with use of a refrigerator and microwave. She uses premium plasticware because of COVID for an elegant presentation.

Sophia Jefferson

When asked how she came up with the idea for the facility, Sophia stated, “I’ve always liked having events. When I got married, my husband, Willie Jefferson, told me I could have any kind of event I wanted. But I had a hard time telling people what I wanted. So, I did it myself, and I loved it. I got so many compliments that I started doing it at work, at home, for business meetings, and then David’s Bridal. Then COVID hit. A lot of facilities closed. The facilities that were open continued to charge the same large fee even if you had 25-30 people. I needed a comfortable, more affordable location that would provide elegance and privacy.”

Sophia enlisted the help of a realtor and found the current location. The building had suffered a fire. The exterior was remodeled, but the inside was a shell. The owner, Hallmark Property Group, worked with her to make her dream come true.

When Sophia doubts whether she can successfully run a business, she reminds herself, “When something is deeply rooted in you, it’s rooted for a reason. You can’t give up.” Motivation to continue also comes from family support. Though her dad, Robert T. Davis, has passed, his encouragement continues to be a driving force. He loved clocks/watches. In honor of her dad, she dedicated a wall to his clocks, which also inspired the business name. Motivation also comes from her daughter, Candice Newson. “She pushes me every day. She’s one of my greatest supporters.”

Support is needed to face challenges as well. Sophia shared, “My husband and I had to have our finances in order. My sister, Shameka Enge, coached me through writing a grant. My sister, Tiffany McCall, is my voice of reasoning when brainstorming or making decisions. She and my mother, Pastor Estella Davis-Flowers, are the ones I can call when I need assistance with décor.”

Another challenge is marketing. So, help spread the word to all your family and friends. When planning an event, think of the Timeless Events Social Studio. An open house is held every Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. by appointment. Visit the website at and check out specials posted on the Facebook page or call (309) 453-2052.

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