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Brant Jean Forgives the Past By Cassiette West-Williams

When 18 year old Brant Jean hugged the woman who murdered his brother, Amber Guyger, many people gasped at his profound act of forgiveness. He asked State District Judge Tammy Kemp for permission to receive her and she ran into his arms, tears falling and arms wrapped tightly around the young man, who proclaimed, that his deceased brother, Botham Jean, would have wanted this woman pardoned for her sins. The young brother said that he did not plan his course of action, nor had he discussed it with his family.

Let’s be very clear about the startling situation of October 2nd.

You did not see Botham Jean’s mother, Allison, or his father, Bertram, embracing anyone. They were after justice and accountability. Period. And they left the courtroom to speak their peace to waiting reporters.

Former Texas police officer Guyger walked into an apartment (by mistake she said) and killed Botham Jean as he sat on his sofa, eating ice cream. The jury took 90 minutes to convict her and asked for 28 years. Judge Kemp gave her only 10 years, and she could possibly simply serve five years, with good behavior. The judge also prayed with Guyger, gave the former officer her own Holy Bible and read a scripture to her.

The world witnesses a come to Jesus moment in the 204th Judicial District (Dallas County) courtroom…

Perhaps the smug, curt remarks and burst of anger from the public outcry of, “how could he do that” will never be understood by the masses, who remember our horrific history that depicts the hundreds of years that Black and Brown and Red men have been murdered. And no one was there to comfort those families and the loved ones who suffered in pain and anguish for the past 500-400-300-200-100-50-10 years or simply last year. No one hugged Sabrina Martin, when her son, Trayvon Martin was murdered, but this gentleman, who is from the Caribbean, hails from a new and younger generation, said abolishing hate was on his agenda.

On the stand, the victim’s distraught mother, Allison Botham, said that she is sleepless and heartbroken. Her youngest son, Brant, will live on, and this nightmare case has ended with a silver lining.