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Blessings, Peace, and Joy to You By Katherine Young

I pray that this column has brought you enlightenment, great joy and even a laugh or two. I want to end 2016 by decreeing and declaring great blessings over you, dear reader, and I pray you will accept this gift from me.


Young KatherineI pray you are blessed in every area of your life. May you be filled with wisdom, joy, and a spirit of contentment to appreciate what you have in your life, even as you continue to write down the vision to accomplish your goals.

May your health allow you to be flexible in all your ways yet steadfast to not forget to run, laugh, and play when the opportunity arises. A hearty laugh and a sincere smile can do wonders for the soul.

I pray a spirit of legacy encompasses your family to embrace the good and rebuke the bad, and that the youth are brought up with integrity, love, honor, humility, and grace to run their race, knowing that with Christ Jesus, there is nothing too impossible for them to achieve.

I pray that you shake the dust off your feet from the wiles of the enemy and those naysayers who are more concerned with criticizing you rather than lifting you up. Forgive and move on, for your life will be the better when you know that you cannot control the actions of others, but knowing you only have control over yourself is the true test of power.

I pray that even in the midst of trials and tribulations, you will run to the center of your strength, taking time to seek solace in your quiet place. Remain true to who you are and do not be afraid of reinvention, growth, love, healing, and even wealth. Your heart keeps beating because there is purpose in you.

You are a rare jewel—let your light shine brightly and embrace your God-given gifts to share with the world. I pray that you defeat the enemy of fear and that you push forward wholeheartedly in the unknown to live a life of purpose, living with intention.

May you embrace these blessings and share them with others in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ! Amen!