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Black Like Me By Robin Carter

There’s no need to be afraid of me; I am not a threat to you. Though some may believe, I know this to be true. My skin is dark, my eyes dark brown. Yet this is no reason to push me to the ground.

Red and blue lights are flashing behind me; I am forced to pull my car alongside. I need to stay focused and place my pride aside. I sit quietly and wait for your approach, not knowing whether I will be arrested or placed in a head choke. You wouldn’t understand; you don’t even have a clue. But how would you, unless you’re black like me. License and registration please, first you always say, then when I reach to get them, you tend to go astray. I think to myself, why are you so afraid of me? I am just a law-abiding citizen, yet my heart is beating so hard I feel the need for a dose of Nitroglycerin.

I spend countless minutes trying to explain myself, but you’re not listening, or are you simply deaf?

No, you would never understand; but, how could you? You could never understand ‘less you’re Black like me…

Election Day is over; people still trying to count votes. They just don’t comprehend, or should they take notes. Strong leaders are trying to rebuild our Democracy while others refuse to surrender their occupancy. A face like mine will once again occupy the White House; some people aren’t buying this news, for our hopes they are still trying to douse.

The American people expect a Commander in Chief to protect all lives, not just a select few. Black mothers wailing out loud, watching their children shot dead in the streets. But you wouldn’t understand, but how could you. You couldn’t understand ‘less you’re Black like me…