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Beware of Credit Repair Promises By Janice Parker

Hear ye, hear ye. There is word on the street that “the credit bureaus are under fire and this is a great time to have things removed from your credit report even if you owe the debt.”

So here’s what Coach JP says about that.

The credit bureaus have been “under fire” since the day they began reporting inaccurate data, thus the reason for the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which was passed into law back in 1970, so nothing new here folks! Anytime of the year is a great time to dispute inaccuracies not just while they’re “under fire.”

In the last few weeks several people who trust my expertise (which I greatly appreciate) have reached out to ask me about the sales tactics being shared by credit repair businesses. I could say so much but here’s what I feel is most important for you to know.

1.) JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC is NOT a credit repair organization. We provide credit consulting, business consulting, financial education and financial coaching. Please know that I’m not speaking against any person/business that does credit repair, because I feel it’s very necessary for some folks, but MUST be done by a trained professional. Some of my greatest mentors own and operate credit repair businesses and I’ve been trained by them so that I’m better equipped to serve my clients.

2.) JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC care about your entire money picture because if you can’t manage your money, you won’t be able to maintain your credit rating. Over the years I’ve witnessed people paying a credit repair company but struggling to pay their rent, mortgage, car note, etc. Again, if you struggle to pay your existing debt, you don’t need to take on another monthly bill with a credit repair company…PERIOD.

3.) It is our model for you to become a LAM.

  • LEARN – good financial behaviors and skills
  • APPLY – new behaviors and knowledge by giving you credit building tools so you can demonstrate the skills you just learned so that you can,

  • MAINTAIN – your financial freedom and be able to keep your stuff… credit score, car, home, credit cards, etc.

4.) If you’re paying someone to repair your credit, it would be wise to become educated about the processes being used because if not, you’ll likely be paying them or someone else again if you’re not able to maintain your desired credit rating

Again, let me reiterate, credit repair is not a bad thing, and I support those who do it right…in fact, I may refer you to some great ones that I know; however that’s not the assignment God called Coach JP to. I passionately equate financial education principles to that of the Bible scripture in Matthew 4:19 – Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. I can “fix” your credit (feed you fish today), or I can “teach” you how to fix and maintain your credit/financial stability (you’ll eat for a lifetime).

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped many individuals and families reach their financial goals and dreams without ever collecting a monthly fee for credit repair. Some of you have improved your finances by simply following my social media posts and applying what you’ve learned. Am I right? If you or someone you know is looking to improve their credit score and change their financial behaviors by being a “LAM,” tell them to schedule a free consultation appointment with Coach JP at JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC. www.

Please share this article with your friends/family so that they can get educated too. Friends don’t let friends pay for credit repair without getting properly educated first.