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Behold The Beauty Of The Lord – Part 1 By Rev. Charity E. Sephus

“Behold the Beauty of the Lord” Psalm 27:4

God’s penmanship awakens us to the compassion of Jesus and the purity of new birth.  Spring arriving commands us to pay attention to flowers in their entire splendor from the seed to the blossom. Stars light the skies at night, alleviating fear. “GOD IS HERE!”

“One thing I ask is that I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever: VIEWING His beauty.”

My heart burns and yearns to feel the freshness and see morning surprises. Swiftly blooming dogwood trees with tiny white blossoms say “spring!” I get rerouted in prayer.  Open eyes while praying leads to welcome places of delightful solitude. Driving while praying leads to a hill overlooking the ocean, or a park where cool gales fan the glades.

On a hot afternoon, as we sit under the trees, they cool the sun by making shade. At times, we call God’s beauty a trip to the beach, a picnic in the park, a concert at the amphitheater, or dinner by candlelight. Quiet time with people we love generates warmth and security often described as beautiful. If we see rain on one side of the street and the sun shining on the opposite side, or here in Georgia we can sit in the sun while most cities battle snow and harsh weather, we call it God’s penmanship (THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD). I often smile at visible and audible beauty, knowing that God is nearby. When beautiful things happen, I feel triumphant and inspired. How does the Beauty of the Lord affect you? The red birds sitting on my back fence are most pleasant like a visit from God. 

Creation shows his mighty power as his beauty blooms like a flower. Admiration soars, as hints of God’s infinity calm my soul with noble contentment. Our fast-forward yearnings for a more abundant life, spark choices for the Beauty of the Lord. Anyone can render evil for evil but that’s not God’s Beauty. If you have known ugliness, sorrow, and sadness, it will motivate you to pray for the beauty of the Lord. Anyone who hungers and thirsts for beauty will have it. There is no comprehension of His majesty: here on earth, we get only a glimpse. Each experience of his greatness is an attention getter. Life would be brutish if we never experienced clear hopes of a wider scope.  In this world of confusion, we all long for the beautiful place where we belong as God intended before the fall of Adam.

When we die out to sin, resurrected into the beauty of the Lord, even then, we get only a glimpse of his majesty, but we have noble contentment knowing God is real. His beauty is the favor that ties all things of heaven to earth humbly and compassionately to reconcile sinners to his beauty.

When the future seems uncertain, darkness hovers like a closed curtain. Let us close our eyes, listen, feel, and behold the comforting beauty of the Lord.