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Be Willing to Change for a New Chance By Katherine Young

“The 3 C’s in life: CHOICE, CHANCE, CHANGE.

You must make the CHOICE to take the CHANCE, if you want anything in life to CHANGE.” – Anonymous

Young KatherineChange is one of the hardest concepts many people struggle with in life. No matter how you may feel about change, it is evident to allow it to take place in your life if you want to grow. You can’t stay comfortable but yet long for new opportunities without making a choice that you are going to take a chance for change.

We spend so much time making excuses why we cannot live the life we want: “I’ll wait until after the kids are grown;” “I don’t have enough education or training;” “No one in my family ever did anything different,” and the list goes on and on. In order for you to fulfil your life’s purpose, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to step out of your bubbled comfort zone, and see what else life has to offer?

One pivotal chance I took the opportunity to grasp and run with it, was when I made a choice to love a man and get married while still in college. My now-husband of fifteen years went to ask my mother’s blessing for my hand in marriage, and one of my sister’s spoiled the surprise by calling me at school. “Katherine! What are you going to do?! What about college?” Being one of the youngest siblings, I could understand her assuming I was making a rash decision, but being in love trumped “traditional thinking”. I was willing to defy all marital ideals of family history or hearsay, to create a new path for myself. After I made my choice and took a chance on love, I still graduated from college, and have been able to experience so much more than I could ever imagine. I made the CHOICE to take a CHANCE for CHANGE.

Do not shorten your purpose in life by not taking worthwhile chances. When you are ready in your heart, instead of seeking constant validation, make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE for CHANGE. Being scared, uncertain, or uncomfortable, know that taking small steps towards your life’s purpose is better than not taking any steps at all.