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Ball of the Leaves By DECB, Sr.

We’re hurrying to you dear, Nature

We’re coming, but give us a chance,

To move once more upon the wind,

Our leaf ball is here, may we dance?

To the melody the wind does play,

We’re all dressed. We’ve waited so long,

Hear to tune that’s playing now?

Listen to the love of the song.

Thee ash, the cedar, sycamore and such

Are sending their best to the ball,

All dressed so fine in splendor divine,

And have waited each year for the fall.

Oh, look, there’s maple, over there comes elm

Everyone’s dressed in colors array,

Please give us some time just to dance

On music the wind’s playing today.

Then like we must, we all will,

Go to our place and go through

The never-ending process of making new life

For God has decreed we must do,

Yet for now, understand somehow

That, even God who makes our Fall,

Enjoys this affair cause we do share

With any, who will come to our ball.

From –Thoughts Out of My Mind 1986