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Back Up! Carter At Large By Lorraine B. Carter

BACK UP! is more than a colloquial phase. During play, a little boy yelled at his playmate, “Back Up,” in an angry voice, the word used when a person is being too forward. I could well understand what he meant. It is when someone invades your territorial space while talking. Don’t you dislike someone getting in your face too closely as they talk? While talking, droplets of spital come flying from their mouth. This is most discomforting, to say the least. It can be rude and conceived as confrontational depending on the subject matter.

Back Up has many meanings. It could mean someone is calling for help or when you drive your car in reverse. It could also mean a type of dancing. It could be a sort of protection after a Breakup when someone quietly has another person to have a relationship with. Then there are times when officials call for Back Up!

During these times of electronic conversations, bill payments by phone, receipts, and other document storage, computerized files need Back Up from Smart Window’s Care! If we are computer savvy, we know Back Up is a must. In these days of Hacker theft, they can steal your files and hold them for ransom, so Back Up is a necessary convenience, especially to writers, Businesses, and Governments. So, Back Up people!