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Back to School/Campus Life By Meicka “J”

Meicka1As summer break comes to an end, many students are headed off to college. Shopping for young adults can be difficult. I would like to provide some resourceful information to make things easier.

Sending care packages to students is an awesome idea and it helps cut down on out-of-pocket expenses for them. Care packages can include store-bought goodies, money, sweaters, sneakers, boots, jackets, hoodies, sweats and beauty and hygiene products. If you are sending care packages to a loved one, gift cards are appreciated. Most colleges and universities have a shopping mall nearby and those gift cards will come in handy. If you are unsure of what stores to obtain gift cards from “Google” the local mall directory and/or ask what their favorite stores are.

You can never go wrong with a VISA gift card. If your student is traveling a long distance to their campus, it’s best to purchase big-ticket items once they arrive. Walmart is typically in every city or town.

It is also not necessary for your student to bring their entire wardrobe from home with them. During my first semester at Alabama State University, I made the mistake of packing my whole wardrobe. When winter break came, I flew home and had to ship all my clothes back and it was costly. Keep in mind that space in dorms are limited and most likely, your student will have a roommate. Packing for a semester at a time is best since most students go home on semester breaks. Also, mixing and matching helps reduce closet space.

Lastly, discourage your student from borrowing and lending out their clothing. Not only do some not care about the condition they return it, there are sanitary issues at stake, i.e., bedbugs, lice and anything else that can be transferred from person to person contact.

I hope you found this article helpful and best wishes to everyone continuing their education.