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As A Family, We Speak A Great School Year! By Katherine Young

Families, I want to encourage you to focus on what you and your children CAN DO versus what you cannot do. When you speak life over yourself, you are opening yourself up for opportunities to bless you and those connected to you. I dare you to work together as a united front and watch those blessings pour in! Speak these affirmations over your life! Expect more!

  1. As a family, we embrace learning—inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. As parents, we will positively communicate with teachers and other staff, and stay abreast of our children’s learning, because we understand that we are our children’s FIRST teacher.
  3. We are willing to read together and build our skills to further our knowledge.
  4. We are willing to save money by learning how to cook together and eat together as a family.
  5. We will not hold on to past mistakes, but acknowledge them as lessons learned.
  6. We will write down our goals and review them to help us stay on track as we accomplish them.
  7. As students, we seek to gain the most from our learning environment.
  8. We will make family time a priority, even if we have to log off of social media accounts.
  9. We will pray and speak positively over one another.
  10. We are leaders and not followers.