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Are You The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle? By Robin Carter

Sometimes I think to myself, “If we as a people would ever get/be on one accord, with faith and hard work, we could move mountains.” The trouble is that not everyone has the same beliefs or desires to come together. Sometimes there are pleasant but brief moments of unity that cause numerous people to come together, usually after a tragedy or something of that nature. Other times the community may come together after a devastating tornado or flood. Mass murders may invoke some emotional feelings of love or support from others. It’s sad that the feeling of love doesn’t seem to last too long.

In Psalm 133 the Psalmist David, king of Israel, said, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! But sadly enough, unity is fleeting, and disunity does not stay away very long. It seems that some things in life are “just short” of coming together, like an important piece of today’s society is missing. And, until it is discovered, our good thoughts and the work that many leaders have put into making a positive change in this world seems “null and void.”

This missing piece of the puzzle separates what is and what would be. Just picture a huge jig-saw puzzle that contains numerous pieces and only one piece of it is missing. Others may have worked painstakingly on completing this mystery item for years, and it has taken its toll on them. It has caused mixed emotions, and their patience is tested like never before. In fact, you may have all but sworn under oath that you will see the day of the completion.

The truth remains that the final piece of the puzzle is still missing. This one piece of the puzzle could represent the people in today’s world; those who refuse to make a difference, those who don’t believe that their “one vote” counts. Now suppose that one million people decided that their vote does not matter. This simply means that one million people did not vote, WOW! However, the vast majority of us may believe that change needs to happen in order to complete the puzzle.

The question is, which side of the change are we on? Sometimes it is necessary to speak life into a “dead situation” in order to make it happen. We must believe that we just might be that mystery missing piece of the puzzle. We need to dig at the roots of the problem and explore what causes less growth in our communities and our churches.

We must trust and believe that we can change things for the better. God is doing a new thing all the while, not just in the regular situations and places that we consider as the “norm.” He’s using those who are willing and ready to be used, those who are ready to rise up, those who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So I ask the question, “Are you that missing piece of the puzzle, the one person(s) that is needed to close the gap to it? Ask yourself….