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Are you a Practical Bride? By Michelle D. Sanders

Michelle Sanders photoHe is down on bended knee and asks, “So what do we do now since you said yes to me?” Yes, after all the excitement you still have work to do. The first thing going through your mind is what should I do to plan this wedding? Everyone is coming at you from all directions with ideas on how they did their wedding. Now you have to just shut down from being overwhelmed with information.

Well, first things first. Be a Practical Bride. This is your first assignment. You wonder,how do I become the Practical Bride? Try these solutions:

Know exactly what you want and how you envision your wedding;

Don’t get all crazy and become Bridezilla;

Put a team together — no more than (4) four members at first (add on as needed);

Team should consist of a family member, your Maid of Honor or (designee from the Bridal party) a wedding planner and a good friend who is dedicated to helping you out.

Planning is the key, but having a dedicated team helps you to brainstorm and relieves you of some of the duties in planning your dream wedding. Less stress – less mess. Get all your resources together before you even begin to plan. Assign your team duties and when you meet to plan your day then it will relieve that stress factor that builds when things are not going according to your plan.

Now, the journey begins.

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