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Are you a Practical Bride? By Michelle D. Sanders

Do you need a Planner or a Coordinator for your event?

Do you know? (Part 1)

Many people have asked is there a difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator? Is there a difference between a Day-Coordinator and a Church Coordinator? What about Event Planners and Event Coordinator, is there a difference? Well, we will look at each one and define the roles and responsibilities of each. Before we get started, let me tell you a little about my background as a planner. I actually did my first event when I worked for the local housing authority. I had the opportunity to create, plan and execute a conference for Family Self-Sufficiency. It turned out to be really nice and I enjoyed putting the event together. Since that time I have planned and coordinated golf events, fundraisers, entertainment events and weddings. I did more self-learning and educating myself on how to improve my skills in the area of event planner. I am more of a Free-Lance Event Coordinator. We will come back and discuss later about educational background and experience.

Before you decide on who you should hire do your homework! Decide what it is that you need this person to do for you.

Let’s look at a Wedding Planner. In my previous article “Are you a Practical Bride” this is someone I stated you should have on your team. A Wedding Planner does just that, they plan and organize your wedding for you. Many people use this person when they don’t have the time themselves to plan their own wedding so they hire someone to do it for them. It’s nice to have friends and family jump in and say I am a planner. But a real wedding planner does this as their profession.

The Wedding Coordinator has more of a leadership role and organizes the whole wedding. The Wedding Coordinator is the decision maker. The Wedding Coordinator will meet with photographers, meet with the venue, meet with florist, caterers, musicians, the bridal party, and handle all the details of the wedding. They will also conduct the rehearsal and plan the rehearsal dinner. You only need to show up for the ceremony.

Sometimes the Wedding Planner and Coordinator can be one and the same. The jobs are very similar. Whether you plan or coordinate an event, you have to understand what the Bride and Groom need. The biggest thing they have to deal with is their budget.

A Church Wedding Coordinator has the responsibility of making sure the church is kept in order, assists the Bride and Groom if need be, and makes sure the musicians are in place, sound and lighting are ready, and the guests are comfortable in the church.

The Day-of-Coordinator typically comes on the day of the wedding and keeps everyone on schedule. This person makes sure the wedding goes as planned and there are no hiccups. Your Day Coordinator will meet with florist, caterers, deal with guests, collect gifts and much more. The Day Coordinator is there to fix the problem with no interruptions to your wedding day.

In my next article we will continue with Do You Know? We will discuss the differences in more detail and discuss what Event Planners and Event Coordinators do as professionals.

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