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Apps To Make Your Travel Smoother – Travel Talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc.

Welcome to your monthly edition of travel talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc.

Let’s talk about apps and what you can use to make your 2019 travel a little smoother.

There are multiple apps out there that you can use but here are a few that I like and use regularly for all of my trips.

MyTSA *this app gives your statues at the airport in real-time. How fast lines are moving, delays etc.

Loungebuddy*this app has more than 80 airports registered and offer discount day passes (great for long layovers) and what lounges offer.

FLIO Global airport app* has over 900 airports registered that will give you information on dining, parking rates, hotels and nearby attractions. This is also great when you have long international lay overs. This will allow you to get out of the airport and take advantage of nearby activities while your wait to board.

Seat Guru* this is for our more finicky traveler who wants to see the inside of the plane so you know exact position of your seat.

CBP mobile passport-Customs and Border Protection* AKA mobile passport assists with expediting entry into the US. This is not available everywhere yet. To date it is available at 3 cruise ports and 26 airports.

Global convert* this app converts money for you and is updated every three minutes. This is great when traveling to countries such as South Africa.

Hopper** I love this app because I am constantly looking for great flights. This apps will watch flights for you and suggest when there is a good time to purchase.

Viber or WhatsApp* I use both of these apps when traveling internationally. I can call home, text and share photos as long as I am connected to Wifi. These are particularly great for those who need to keep in contact with their children or other family members while traveling abroad.

Uber/Lyft* My preference for quick car service is Uber however both will get you where you need to go. Both are available in most cities. Drivers may be limited in smaller cities. I use these a lot if I do not want to use a shuttle service.

If you have some favorite apps share them on my Facebook page so we all can have a better travel experience in 2019 @rondaguytontravel/fb.

Healthy tip: You cannot take your vacation or personal time with you. Use it to relax, refresh and live your best life stress free.

For all your travel needs contact Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc. at 773-609-3845.

Travel is a lifestyle, enjoy!