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Appreciate Spring: Restore Momentum By Latasha Schraeder

Spring is a season of renewal. As the winter season ends, we are all enduring cabin fever and longing for longer, warmer days. At last, we can all delight in some much-needed fresh air and sunshine! The arrival of warmer weather is an ideal opportunity to reflect on academic goals and get organized for the final push of the academic year!

As the days get warmer, it will be difficult for students to remain focused on their academic efforts. I can empathize. As an educator, it is equally challenging for me to remain disciplined and continue to work toward the end goal of student growth. But, I keep my eyes on the prize! Spring is the perfect season to review academic goals set in the fall. It is not too late to get refocused and attain academic growth!

Today, especially during the winter months, our children spend significant time watching television, playing video games, and using their cell phones. As the weather becomes more agreeable, take advantage of the opportunity to spend evenings outdoors and limit screen time. I am not opposed to the use of electronics. But, I am advocating for our children to significantly reduce the use of technology after school and on the weekends. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, substantial periods of inactivity are directly related to childhood obesity and related issues.

Finally, as the school year nears completion, now is the chance to research which community resources will be available to you and your children this summer. Numerous series are available. Take advantage of programs at your local libraries, school districts, and public park districts. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for your children to continue to strengthen their reading skills during summer break. Do not lose focus of the goal: continuance student growth and academic achievement!

Be your child’s best advocate.