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An Expression of Nyla’s World By D. Rena’ Chaney


photography by elijah t. sansom

Have you ever encountered a child who can be described as articulate, well-mannered, intelligent, has leadership qualities, artistic skills and is an aspiring artist who is well on their way to becoming an entrepreneur? Well, nine-year old Nyla Kyle has all those qualities and then some. Nyla has a beautiful and positive soul for a child of her age and she has truly left a lasting impression in her community with her creative artwork.

Nyla lives in Champaign, Illinois with her parents, Nikia and William Kyles II and her brother Titus, eleven-years old. She began her artistic expression in pre-school and followed it up by participating in an after-school arts and craft program. Nyla loves creating art with the vibrant colors of pink, yellow, purple, orange and red. She’ll tell you, “These are the happy colors and I want to create art that makes people happy.”

The parents of the budding artist recognized something really special in their daughter’s talent and as great, supportive parents do, they began to encourage and invest time and money in Nyla’s artistic imagination. The young artist’s first experience as an entrepreneur was at the Black Expo event in Champaign, Illinois in 2015. This past September, as in the year before, the young entrepreneur had the opportunity to showcase her art at the Central Illinois Black Expo (the largest Black Expo in down state Illinois) “Future CEO and Business Owners” area for children ages 8 – 16. Nyla sold a few of her art projects with the assistance of her brother acting as her salesman. The two of them were a hit as Nyla answered questions about the concept of her work, while Titus reeled in the patrons to their table. One of the most eye-catching pieces displayed was a painting of President Obama using the vibrant colors she loves.

“Nyla is one of the most creative, innovative go getters I know,” said her father. “She has a very bright future in the art industry and entrepreneurial world. We thank the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce for giving her the opportunity to utilize her gift.”

Kenyatta Fisher, Youth Director of the Central Illinois Black Expo, also expressed her thoughts about the young artist. “We were extremely happy to have Nyla back at the expo participating in the Future CEO area. This area focuses on the investment to our children and our communities. We want to promote entrepreneurship to the children of our communities to let them know the sky is the limit. We urge them to continue selling and displaying their craft well after the expo is over.”

Other than painting, coloring and drawing, Nyla likes using pictures from magazines, rubber-bands, beads and putting together scrap albums. Another one of her creative expressions is using handprints which she simply states, represents family. Nyla wants to continue her higher education at an Ivy League school and has visions of one day becoming a famous artist.

Nyla is on her way to accomplishing her dreams and she has already woven her talent into our hearts.