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An Antidote for America By Robin Carter

“I believe that love is the only force that is capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Whether we are amazed or not our 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump does not display any type of concern or love for the American people; especially those of a darker shade. Our Country has had a lot of problems in the past years, some of which our Former President, Barack Obama has put an end to. Unfortunately, the 45th President feels the need to undo everything that his predecessor has put into place. It’s been nothing short of a flipping deal. The agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is one thing that should never have been undone, as this could mean trouble in the world’s most turbulent region.

Several mixed messages have been sent out by our sitting president that causes some to believe that America is under attack and soon to be in a “total race war.” It seems that his main focus and plan is to review, revoke and overwrite important areas of Barack Obama’s “domestic legacy.” Mr. Trump however has kept his promise to politically “shipwrecking” things in America. It seems that all of the laws and rules that he wanted to overturn were ones that really hurt people. One may think that a new president would find it more pleasurable and simpler to build his own policies rather than tear down old ones that were put in place by his predecessor.

Regardless of everything that is taking place in our “so-called” great America today, I still believe that our number one antidote for our world problems is prayer. Secondly, we need strong voting activities. We as the American people should never miss an opportunity to vote. We must prepare our children, 18 years and above so that they are registered and ready whenever elections take place.

Once again, we can change the world; it starts with us, although it seems like we are forever fighting for our rights or righting someone else’s wrong. In the meantime we must try to maintain peace, order, and love; pray that God will prick the hearts of those who have evil spirits and cruel intentions. We should also pray that in the future He (God) will provide us with someone with great knowledge who is willing to stand up for the American people, not against us. In my opinion, America has always been great; it’s the cruel individuals who live in it that poisons it.