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America By Lorraine B. Carter

America belongs to every citizen. That is right, all 3.8 million square miles belong to a populace of 332,278,200, commonly known as the United States, America, or The State’s.  A Country primarily located in North America, consisting of Fifty States, a Federal District with five major self-governing Territories, 326 Indian Reservations, and some minor possessions. With more than 328 million people, it is the third most populous Country in the world!  We are blessed to live in this miracle of a Country where all races, creeds, gender, and ethnicities live and share its might. That is what makes it a miracle.  Most of us get along to raise our children, worship as we please, and work where we want.  With all we have, some people want to hate and selfishly claim America should be just for one race of people.  Another man thought that way, and his ideology caused the destruction of a powerful Nation, which should be a lesson the world should never forget!

The Capitol of America is Washington, D.C.; one would never think Americans would want to destroy it.  Our Country was established May 12, 1784, and our Motto is, In God We Trust.  It was in God We Trusted as we fought for Independence from the United Kingdom and our men and women braved the battlefields of Europe and Asia.  Many gave their lives to protect our freedom, and their bravery gives us a chance to pursue our dreams. And yes, it gets hard sometimes, but we keep striving. It was in that vain that many Americans refused to stand up when the National Anthem was played.  Striving through years of injustice and inequities made them want to call attention to the ugliness that prevails in our America.  America is theirs too.  When an Athlete takes a knee, he is taking a knee for all of us.  Oh, if someone had taken a knee before the slaughter of 10,000,000 souls during World War Two! Today, being an American we have the freedom of protest.  

We also honor the Mothers and Fathers who gave their sons and daughters to defend our freedom and right to” take a knee.” They held tightly to our Motto: In God We Trust. That is why so many stand up as the Star-Spangled Banner is played or sung.  It is our America’s National Anthem; it is called respect and all we share as Americans in this great ‘melting pot.’  We should not feel pressured to stand, but honored to stand, every God-loving 332,277,200 one of us!