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All Hope Is Not Lost with Loss of Learning By Katherine Young

Experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic for a year and a half has taken its toll on the school experience. Whether students learn better in a physical building or via online learning, positive partnerships are needed for all parties: students, families, the community, and schools.

Here are some useful tips to start and maintain a great school year:

  1. Take time out to have a sincere conversation with your student about school and what they are expecting—not necessarily what you are expecting for their school experience.

  2. START OVER FRESH! Don’t hold anything negative over your child from the previous school year. If your student needs to read more, then don’t be a hypocrite and force them to read when you are not reading. Model what you desire. Everyone in the family can learn more and grow together.

  3. Discuss together and write down 2-3 goals your student can attain. Start with small goals and then build as progress is gained and maintained. Set a good example by creating goals for yourself as a parent and model what it looks like to achieve them.

  4. Keep the lines of communication open regarding a positive mental health environment. You may ask your student, “What do you need from me in order to have a successful school year? When you are feeling stressed, what can we do to reset?” Being willing to acknowledge that conflict will occur and that there are options to deal with it, is important. Don’t shy away from various services that can support you such as counseling, exercise, and being intentional to include FUN in your life can help both you and your student maintain a positive mindset and lifestyle.
  5. Be prepared from the beginning. Have the basic school supplies (many middle and high school students need notebook paper, pens/pencils, and folders) and set money aside for more supplies once you receive your school lists from your teachers. Please encourage your student to be responsible and know that what teachers provide is a privilege—not a requirement.

  6. As a family, practice positive habits by working with your student and not against them. All students need bedtime curfews, healthy and nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and a consistent routine where everyone can start their day off right in a timely manner.

If you implement these tips into your family’s lifestyle, you are sure to have a successful school year. Take one day at a time and choose to support your student the best way possible to learn more and accomplish their goals. Have a Fantastic school year! YOU CAN DO IT!